The expert seminar Let us taste the best Belgian products

Although Belgium is a small country, it is world renowned for its delicacies and Belgians are widely known as great hedonists and gourmets to the point that they are among the first in the world to carry the gastronomic epithet of Foodies.

Belgian cuisine is a blend of Flemish and French influences and is considered among the best in Europe.

Belgium has the highest number of Michelin star restaurants per capita in the world.

The Belgian people are proud of their waffles (gaufres), premium chocolate and fried potatoes which were despite the popular name  of French fries originated in Brussels.

They say for themselves that they drink and eat like the French, walk like the Germans, and are open like the Dutch.

An expert seminar on traditional Belgian bakery, pastry and confectionery products was organized in Zagreb on March 3, 2020 by Richemont Club Croatia and TIM ZIP Company with outstanding support of Richemont Club Belgian.

It was a very successful gastronomic experience where a member of the Belgian Richemont Club, a master of crafts and a man of rich experience, Benny Swinnen was pleased to share his knowledge and experience with the seminar participants.

Thirty participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia attended an interactive workshop for production of Belgian brioche, Liege bread, sweet-dough filled with raisins, various sweet tarts, egg liqueurs and delicious pralines filled with various liqueurs.

Judging by the positive atmosphere and satisfied face expressions, the presentation of the attractive recipes as well as the enthusiasm of the Belgian expert, will stimulate the imagination and creativity of the participants and inspire them by the new ideas and business ventures.