The expert seminar Easter in Vienna

Expert seminar for bakers and confectioners named “Easter in Vienna” was successfully organized on March 6th, 2018 in Zagreb, in cooperation with TIM ZIP and Richemont Club Croatia.
With the outstanding support and the effort of the Austrian Richemont Club, numerous traditional products were presented to the participants of the seminar, which, at the time of the greatest Christian holiday, adorn the shelves of Austrian bakeries and stalls of town squares.
Bakery and confectionery masters, president of the Austrian Richemont Club Hubert Fischl and Günter Felthofer shared with the participants their knowledge and information about the traditional recipes and technological procedures.
Diverse production program included many delicious products: Easter bread, Easter bunny, Easter ham in bread dough, Baguette with wild garlic, Easter Reindling, Poppy seed cake and Ischl tartlets with Easter decoration.
Twenty-five participants from Croatia and Serbia attended the seminar and participated in the presentation and live production, as well as the tasting of delicious products.
Participants also attended a lecture on “Non-starch polysaccharides in the sourdough and their impact on the quality and nutrition value of produced bread”, by Dr. Ivna Vrana Špoljarić, winner of the Annual Best Doctoral Work Award of the Ivan Bulić Foundation.
The event took place in a pleasant educational and working atmosphere and participants complimented Austrian bakers on several occasions with warm applauses for their quality cooperation, exceptional effort, expertise and excellence.