On the penultimate September’s Saturday in 2019, the employees of TIM ZIP accompanied by their families and friends gathered at the well-known and especially dear country farm of Kezele in Šumećani to celebrate with dignity the 27th Day of the company.

In a cheerful atmosphere, with excellent gastronomic offer and delicious wine from the Moslavina wine cellar, they indulged in a pleasant socializing.

The President of the Board, Vladimir Bulić welcomed all present, pointing out the most remarkable results achieved in the current year and announced a number of significant activities for the upcoming period.

Like previous years, the jubilarian where honoured with recognitions and awards, along with a vividly portraiture of each of them, designed by Ivan Bulić, the TIM ZIP retiree who always manages to touch our souls and light up our faces with artistic expression and language skills.

Martina Kolak and Krešimir Novosel were awarded for 5 years of faithfulness and work dedication, and Nicole Lulić Džabirski received the fifteen-year internship award. The prize for the enviable twenty-five years of loyalty and effort was given to Izabela Gregurić.

Another heartfelt gesture was a beautiful text written for the birthday occasion of Franjo Klarić, the oldest TIM ZIP retiree.

The new employees of the company who attended this event for the first time where welcomed with the applause and the employees who invested the most effort during the last quarter were rewarded for their hard work and significant contribution.

The beautiful sunny weather was in favour of the overall positive atmosphere, and the special experience of the youngest, as well as of the many grown-ups was complemented by the possibility of all-day recreational riding.

The gathering ended by tasting the chocolate and fruit cakes made by the Vincek Pastry Shop whose masterful performances deserve praise again this time.