Retro Open Door Day in Zagreb

Dressed in old clothes, TIM ZIP’s Open-door day in Zagreb made a romantic turn this year and brought all present bakeries and pastry makers back to the past!

During the all-day’s socializing in the company business premises, visitors had the opportunity to recall the times of their ancestors and many forgotten customs. They also had opportunity to revive and exchange many beautiful memories and taste the old-fashioned, nowadays rarely baked products.

Traditional products such as rye bread, kaiser rolls, baškoti, layer cake of Međimurje, kimlaš (cornbread), kram rolls, gingerbread, pretzels of Zagreb, small bread, vanjkuši, strepa of Zagorje, strudel with walnuts and poppy seeds, multiseed rustic bread, baguettes, kifli of Varaždin, grandma’s bread, salt pans, buckwheat, oats, barley, integral corn and dried vegetables products as well as many others, were presented on the working tables of Data Bak, Diamant Puratos, Pekarnica Zemljič, Puratos konding and Uniferm.

The visitors were impressed with the content exhibition of old bakery machines and equipment brought out of the company’s business partners’ basements. Antique inventory included a mixer with a handle, a planetary mixer, a dough divider, a sheeter, a roll making machine, a rotary biscuits machine, a yeast measurement, a sugar and nuts mill and a number of other small accessories.

The event was attended by nearly 200 people from all over Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia and Montenegro. A joint journey through the prism of the bakeries’ past brought a valuable experience that will surely enhance the way for a more successful future.