TEAM BUILDING PLITVICE – three days in the arms of the most beautiful Croatian pearl

“There were a lot of them and they were all great”, it is a sentence that is often repeated among the employees of the TIM ZIP company.

The following topic recorded almost the same number of postponements in the last two years as the TIM ZIP EXPO fair, and its realization was nearly equally important and necessary.

Always before and especially in the latest years characterized by reduced social activity, team buildings are known as one of the best ways to strengthen team spirit, improve interpersonal relations and additionally accumulate much-needed positive energy in the business sphere.

That’s why this jubilee year served as the right moment for something unusual, meaningful and funny – a three-day trip to the Plitvice Lakes.

The exceptional team spirit of the company’s employees has been confirmed countless times, and finally the conditions have been created to strengthen it again in some other, less formal environments and circumstances.

Three wonderful days spent in Lika were sunlit, filled with natural, historical and cultural content, enriched with culinary specialties and rounded off with music and fun.

Morning walks and drives in the Plitvice Lakes National Park made this natural phenomenon a perfect choice for an active vacation and team socializing in the last third of May.

In addition to the enchanting beauty of the Upper and Lower lakes, it was also worth visiting Majerovo vrilo, one of the springs of Gacka, where there are timeless remains of the national past, such as old traditional mills, while knowledge and customs are passed on to the next generations.

In the midst of an extremely hot day, the team in a good mood couldn’t wait to cool down to a pleasant 9 degrees in Barać’s caves. During the underground walk, it was learned a lot about the thousand-year formation of the caves, valuable geological findings, and at the end of the tour, it was experienced how today’s man manages in complete darkness and silence.

One of the destinations was the Nikola Tesla Memorial Centre, where the life path of this genius from Smiljan was presented in pictures, words and sounds. In the  modernly arranged museum, some employees learned something new about Tesla, while also enjoyed the untouched nature that inspired him to create his first inventions.

Even a grown man looks forward to the game. Divided into teams, the employees played the Casino Robbery game according to the instructions of Escape Art employees. In 120 minutes, the goal had to be achieved in a game in which most of the competitors had never tried. In addition to having great fun and testing the abilities of logical reasoning, communication and team cooperation, the 3 best teams deservedly won valuable cash prizes.

As food brings us together and connects us best, the first enjoyment of ethno-gastro content was occasioned by a visit to the pizzeria “at the end of the world” – Ruspante. Home-made sausage, škripavac cheese, bass, bacon, lamb and even smoked trout on the pizza were amazing, but the most important thing was the atmosphere on the terrace and the view of the beautiful village of Sinac.

The rich autochthonous gastronomic offer of those days continued to delight in the Gacka Hotel, where the group was welcomed by Klapa Nostalgija, who entertained the company until midnight.

The long-desired excursion ended above Rastoke, in the Ambar Restaurant, located next to Napoleon’s magazine, with authentic local cuisine.

Those were 3 unforgettable days of socializing, fun and a great mood. Although a good wine was the most common drink these days, the happy team will also gladly remember another one mentioned in the verses of the newly created TIM ZIP anthem called “…7 Jägermeister…”