For the third time, the management of TIM ZIP decided to open its doors to the business partners of Bosnia and Herzegovina and present them on their territory some of the most modern technological achievements in the field of bakery, pastry and confectionery.

The third this year’s Open-Door Day was held in October 2, 2019 in the attractive congress hall of the Terme Hotel in Ilidža, Sarajevo.

The exhibition of machines, lines and technological solutions, which significantly improve today’s production and whose technical characteristics are distinguished by a number of comparative advantages, as well as the presentation of wide range raw materials for bakery and pastry production attracted more than 140 interested experts from 80 companies and trades.

On 500 m2 exhibition hall, the visitors from various cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia and Serbia showed great interest for the exhibited machinery and equipment, tasted the salty and sweet delicacies and followed up the production of Bourek made of corn flour on the ELIN production line as well as production of puff pastry products on the RONDO automated line.

In addition to TIM ZIP technologists, a great contribution to the production of distinctive desserts, which delighted in taste and attractive performance, where made by the skilled hands of technologists from DIAMANT PURATOS from Austria and DATA-BAK from Croatia. Along with tempting and delicious cakes with apricot and hazelnut, chocolate and cherries, oranges and almonds, Caribbean slices, Cinnamon rolls, Bavarian rye triangle, corn shells with curry and many other made of DIAMANT PURATOS raw materials, the visitors were also offered by the potato bread, spelt flatbreads, mixed buns with barley, corn turtle shaped buns, vegetable crowns and others produced by DATA-BAK raw materials.

The hosts of the event tirelessly and gladly answered the inquiries of interested visitors, informing them in detail with the qualitative characteristics of the exposed machines and raw materials used in the production processes.

The high attendance and significant interest in TIM ZIP’s product range confirmed the importance of this event and recorded another valuable experience in Sarajevo.