Expert seminar Christmas table of the magical Spain

The Mediterranean land of Moorish castles, proud knights, cheerful and friendly people, the home of the world famous artists such as P. Picasso, S. Dali and F. Goya, a place where passionate flamenco is danced, sweet sangria is drunk and bulls run „freely” through the streets.

Spain is a Western European Roman Catholic country with a rich Christmas tradition. Of particularly important traditions we should mention Hogueras, a habit of skipping the fire that protects against the diseases. Traditionally, they are preparing turkey with mushrooms and turron (sweets made of almond). According to their belief the gifts are brought by the Holy Three Kings. On the fifth day of the new year children leave shoes filled with carrots on the windows so they can find gifts the next morning. Carrots are intended for tired horses of the Holy Three Kings.

In an atmosphere of positive energy complemented by irresistibly sweet flavours of the various bakery and pastry products typical for the Christmas holiday of Spain, on 10th of October the expert seminar was organized in Zagreb by the Richemont Club of Croatia and TIM ZIP with the exceptional support of the Spanish Richemont Club.

The members of the Spanish Club Jose Antonio Rivas Sanchez and Francisco Jose Vilchez Castellano, the masters and artisan bakery owners as well as the heads of their own bakery schools, presented fifteen traditional products of their country, such as pine nuts, egg yolks, sweet cream and chocolate, marzipan from Soto, almond biscuits, royal cake, wine bread, cake Suprema, mantecados, Aceitones and others whose production included interaction of about 20 participants from the bakery and pastry domain of Croatia and Serbia.

With the great effort, enormous will and dedication to the work, the Spanish experts successfully transferred their knowledge and mastery skills to the participants. With quality interaction, dynamic temperament and cheerful mood, they awakened the imagination and creativity of the participants and inspired them with new ideas for an even more attractive holiday offer. According to the final impressions and general enthusiasm of the participants, it is believed that many of the holiday tables will include these Christmas pastries.