Development of new products

Nowadays, it is important to be innovative and continuously listen to the needs of consumers. Following the trends of a healthier diet, which are more and more present on the global market, and in the desire to offer consumers of Croatia and the region new and more aromatic flavours of bakery products, diligent technologists of TIM ZIP used the corona virus period to develop new products. At the time when social activities were mostly limited, the production was made on a daily basis, and testing of new products was done on a representative sample of respondents, of course, with all the prescribed measures of protection and social responsibility. With great pride and satisfaction of the management and all employees of the company, such an extensive engagement resulted by the catalogue of 24 new products ready to conquer the market. These are functional bakery products of increased nutritional and biological value based on the use of various types of cereals, flour, seeds, sourdough starter cultures and various nutritional supplements. The task was approached with maximum care, so the tradition of tastes of different parts of the country was taken into account; thus, products characteristic of the whole Croatia can be found in the catalogue; from Slavonia, through Međimurje and Istria all the way to Dalmatia. Each recipe is unique in its own way, and ingredients such as onions and garlic, fried bacon, greaves, pumpkin seeds, black and green olives, pistachios, hemp, broccoli and many others make them special and tempting for the consumers. If you are ready for new business ventures and want to refresh your own offer of products whose tastes will not disappoint even the most demanding buyers, we are at your complete disposal!