Company history


The year was marked by important business fairs, professional events and seminars that are considered as a good company’s practice for many years. More than two hundred visitors from more than one hundred companies visited the Open Door Day held in April in Zagreb. With all-day variety of bakery and pastry production made by domestic and foreign producers of raw materials, the visitor’s attention was also attracted by the bakery champion, Jimmy Griffin from Ireland, who presented some of his most popular products produced according to the traditional family recipes based on sour dough.
Two professional seminars entitled “Easter in Vienna” and “Christmas in the Swiss way” were organized in cooperation with the Richemont Club of Croatia. Masters of bakery and confectionary, the president of the Austrian Richemont Club Hubert Fischl and the president of the Swiss Richemont Club, Francois Wolfisberg shared quality information about the traditional holiday products, recipes and technological processes of their countries during all-day practical demonstrations.
At the end of September, TIM ZIP performed for the third time as an exhibitor at the IBA Münich fair, the largest and the most famous international bakery and pastry fair.

The end of the year was marked by the second exhibition of TIM ZIP at the Gulfood Manufacturing fair in Dubai that is one of the world’s largest and most influential trade show for the food processing and manufacturing sector.


This year’s Open Door Days in Split, Belgrade and Sarajevo attracted numerous bakers and pastry makers with their interesting program, including all-day live production and a wide range of exhibited equipment and raw materials. The number of exposed machines and lines as well as the various product offer classified these events in the category of mini fairs.
In September 2017, TIM ZIP celebrated the jubilee anniversary organizing the Academy Ceremony “25 years with you”.
This Academy was a good occasion to present the new, fourth professional book of TIM ZIP’s Library Bread for Life written by Franjo Klarić  – Modern technologies for bakery and pastry – raw materials and products. The premier fair TIM ZIP EXPO, which grew out of the 19-years-old company’s House Fair, was held on 14thand 15th of September this year at Boćarski dom in Zagreb, bringing together 25 business partners, equipment and raw materials suppliers. The event was attended by more than 800 owners, technologists and managers of bakery and pastry plants and shops from 17 European countries. The 5th Golden Hands Competition for the most creative bakery and pastry artwork in Croatia as well as the interesting professional lectures on the most current topics in the profession were organized within the EXPO Fair. TIM ZIP also presented its offer at an expert conference titled 22nd  Days Of Bakery And Mills held in October this year at the master hall of the Fair Novi Sad. For the first time, TIM ZIP exhibited at Gulfood Manufacturing fair in Dubai, UAE. The visitors of the stand expressed a significant interest in the realization of complete bakery projects offered by TIM ZIP.


The Open Door Days in Opatija, Belgrade, Zagreb and Ljubljana marked the first half of the year.
The mixtures consisting the natural improvers – enzymes, produced by the Italian company IL GRANAIO DELLE IDEE, were integrated in the company’s raw materials offer.
In cooperation with the experts of the mentioned company and professors from the Faculty of food technology and biotechnology University of Zagreb, TIM ZIP and Richemont Club organized educational seminar about enzymes for thirty technologists from all over the region.The largest number of equipment exhibits, even 45 of them, were presented at the 19th House Fair of TIM ZIP, visited by more than 400 bakery and pastry experts from 200 companies.
At the end of the year, TIM ZIP has performed at the SÜDBACK fair in Stuttgart, which has been visited by more than 40 000 people.


Open door days in Split, Opatija, Zagreb and Sarajevo brought many positive results to the company.
The largest TIM ZIP abroad project has successfully been completed – The GRAND FOOD CORPORATION factory in Macedonia.
At the 18th House fair, which has recorded more than 400 visitors, some of the most important partners of TIM ZIP were presenting their offer during the all-day presentation production.
TIM ZIP strengthened its activities in Serbia by opening the Belgrade Representative office.
In cooperation with the new distributor of raw materials, MAKOVICA from Mladenovac, TIM ZIP exhibited at the 20th Bakery days in Ruma.


At the beginning of the year, TIM ZIP participated at the INGA gastronomic fair, where the longest roll in the world was made. The basic raw materials for the preparation of the 158-meter long roll, recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, were donated by TIM ZIP company with the support of its partner DIAMANT.
At the annual meeting of its distributers, the Swiss producer of lines and dough pastry equipment, company RONDO has awarded TIM ZIP for its persistence, energy and confidence.
This year’s 17th House Fair attracted more than 400 visitors from 165 companies and became the largest baker’s exhibition in the region.
TIM ZIP company was the host of the DIAMANT’s distributors annual meeting. The DIAMANT EXPORT PARTNER MEETING was held for the first time outside of Austria and it gathered representatives from 12 European countries.
An important project on automated croissant factory GRAND FOOD CORPORATION in Macedonia has begun. TIM ZIP provided complete bakery consultancy and engineering.
With its comprehensive content, the Open door days in Zagreb and Split attracted numerous visitors from the surrounding area.
Further development of TIM ZIP is confirmed by the newly opened modern educational and demonstration bakery within the company’s premises and the showroom in the Slovenian HORECA center.


On the 16th House Fair it was marked 20 years of partnership with the Austrian company DIAMANT.
TIM ZIP has performed at the bakery and pastry fair SÜDBACK in Stuttgart as well as at the AGROKOS 2013 fair in Pristina.
It is important to notice that this year the Croatian Association of Manufacturers of Bakery and Pastry Products was founded.
Technologists of the company participated at the 7th International Congress Flour – Bread 11 and at the 9thCroatian congress of technologists in flour production and processing.


For the first time, TIM ZIP exhibited at the world’s largest bakery fair IBA in Munich.
The year was marked by the cooperation with the German company UNIFERM within which the new bakery yeast INTERFERM was developed.
In agreement with DIAMANT, three expert seminars for bakery and confectionery technologists were organized – two in Zagreb and one in Wels.
The 15th TIM ZIP’s House Fair was visited by hundreds of visitors from Croatia and the region, more precisely by representatives of 158 companies.
The third book from the Library Bread for Life – “Production Technology of Bakery and Pastry Products” was presented to the public.

In order to rationalize and optimize distribution of goods and services the raw material sector is reorganized, so that from 1st September TIM ZIP’s sales network consists of East Branch, with warehouses in Bjelovar and Osijek, West Branch, with a warehouse in Zagreb and Varaždin, South Branch with a warehouse in the town of Zadar and its own company TIM ZIP Rijeka and Marcelin in Split.
The TIM ZIP company carried out a successful recertification audit of quality standards of ISO and HACCP by authorized company, implemented in 2005.
For special merits and contribution to the improvement of mutual cooperation and expanding the reputation of the faculty and professionals the company has received the Charter of Food and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb, on the occasion of 55th anniversary of the studies of food technology and biotechnology.
There has been a remarkable performance of the company and on the third International Fair of Food, beverage and culinary innovation INGA at the Zagreb Fair in collaboration with the bakery association Richemont Club.

TIM ZIP confirms its reputation of a leading company in the region of its activities, among other by delivery and installation of complete equipment for the new production plant of MAXI bakery in Orasje, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Under the contract with ASTON FOODS, TIM ZIP became exclusive representative in the region of this Switzerland manufacturer of chambers for vacuum baking of all bakery products.
The market had a great reaction on the placement of the new enhancer for bread and rolls TOP ZOOM, appropriate for technological and economical conditions in Croatian bakery.
TIM ZIP is continuing with its publishing ventures within their library „bread for life“. The first professional book which in systematic way deals with baking and pastry practice, under the title „HANDBOOK OF BAKERY AND PASTRY – THEORY AND PRACTICE“ has been published.
In collaboration with bakery association Richemont club, TIM ZIP has participated on 2. International fair of food, drink and culinary innovation INGA on Zagreb fair, and on this occasion has been successful promoter of „Golden hands“competition which awarded the most creative bakery and pastry product.
Needless to say that on our 13th House Fair we have been hosts to 148 companies from 6 different countries.

In segment of selling equipment for baker’s trade TIM ZIP has, among others, installed second thermo oil system for baking in Bosnia and Herzegovina in company Aspek from Sarajevo.
The strong trend of exclusively designing of baking sales shop has continued. In less than 4 years TIM ZIP equipped 60 sales shops in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
TIM ZIP’s workers have given extremely intensive and crucial logistics support to the action TRADE MARK of „RICHEMONT QUALITY“ in organization of Croatian „Richemont club“.
Record numbers of companies, 131 of them from Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia have visited in September 12th House fair of TIM ZIP.

Long-standing co-operation of TIM ZIP with institutions of higher education especially in Zagreb and Osijek continue with donation of dough mixer for scientific-research to Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology at Zagreb University. For constant and successful co-operation TIM ZIP has together with few most respected Croatian companies received acknowledgement for 52nd anniversary of Faculty in Zagreb.
In May, TIM ZIP was sponsor of 4th Middle European Food Convention and 6th Croatian Convention of technologists, biotechnologists and nutritionists.
One of the most important projects was successful modernization of production department of company RADNIK from Opatija.
In June, TIM ZIP organized in own company professional seminar for 60 Croatian confectioners.
Authorised company successfully completed recertification audit of implemented standard ISO 9001:2000 with integrated HACCP.
We issued 50th number of business review TIM ZIP INFO.

It was the year of 15th anniversary of founding of company which culminated with academy held on the 4th of December in National and university library in Zagreb. On this occasion was promoted movie about TIM ZIP named „Bread for life“, ballad song „My bread“ written especially for us by Arsen Dedić.
TIM ZIP also published a book „Manual about improver and other raw material for bakery and pastry industry“. Among the deliveries we emphasize fully equipped bakery for Secondary Trade School in Varaždin and most northern delivery made in Kumanovo Macedonia. In context of interior designing of shops in last two years TIM ZIP realized 30 projects.
TIM ZIP was executive organizer of 3rd Bread and Pastry Festival and annual meeting of International Richemont Club where 80 members from 9 European countries were. Also, TIM ZIP was main sponsor for the State championship for pupils of secondary schools in occupation baker and main sponsor of international Congress „Flour – bread 07“.

The company has promoted new contents in its range of products – program of convection ovens for baking directly on the spot. We have equipped 20 market centres of KAUFLAND and LIDL in Croatia.
The machine and equipment offer is expended with new service – planning, projecting and presenting the interior arrangement of retail shop and fitting with show-case, desks, sales unit and wooden lining. During the year it was arranged about 15 stores for different consignees.
TIM ZIP was also executive organizer of the 2nd Festival of bread and sweets, held In Zagreb 29th and 30th of September, in organization of Richemont Club. The company, under the program of Festival, organized the first Competition for most creative bakery or pastry product called “Golden hands”.

The company changes the logotype attribute, in harmony with its policy progress, into the new one: food – technologies – development. A new attribute shows firms intention to the stronger entrance into the whole food industry.
On June 8, 2005. TIM ZIP Zagreb’s business activities were officially certified with EN ISO 9000:2001 standards and HACCP norms.
Realisation of one of the best and the biggest projects in companies’ history was equipping of the new plant in KRKA, Šibenik.
Branch-office in Rijeka became an independent company.
TIM ZIP Banja Luka, the third company in BIH, was established.
The largest contribution to the organization of the 1st Bread and pastry festival, held on the 8th October in Zagreb, was given by the employes of the group TIM ZIP – the initiator and executive organizer of the manifestation.
Both media, exibitors and citizens – visitors praised this well organized and interesting festival of bakery and pastry accomplishments.
With this event, the official organizer of the Festival Richemont klub, baker`s trade and pastry association, confirmed itself as a main organization in Croatian baking industry.

Due to TIM ZIP`s strategic goal, the implementation of ISO and HACCP system, al the preparation, that had begun at the beginning of this year, have been succesfully finalized in November. Till June next year, TIM ZIP is going to have both of certificates wich are, so to say, Constitution in doing bussiness.
On June the 17th one of the worlds most famous experts in pastry, Henry Schumacher held a professional presentation “Making of sweets”. 45 people from 22 companies took part in the presentation.
Haus Fair, on wich are traditionally presented machines, equipment, acessorize, mixtures, aditives, fillings and other raw materials from 20 TIM ZIP`s partners, had more than 100 visitors.
A contract of great importance about delivery and implmentation of machines and equipment has been signed with KRKA ŠIBEIK.

RICHEMONT CLUB – an association of bakery and confectionery professionals from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina was founded on the initiative of TIM ZIP, on February 27, 2003 as a 15th member of an established international association.
Signed contract on exclusive rights representation with companies ANNELIESE and TOOLBOX from Germany and SPOONER VICARS from Great Britain and for distribution of yeast world wide known producer ALLTECH FERMIN.
Seminar about contemporary production of pastry and “snack” products was organized in Professional bakery school Richemont in Lucerne.
Exactly 6 months after setting cornerstone, on December 6, the complete modern equipped newly built business – warehouse building with 900 m2  useful surface was set in function.

TIM ZIP o European Technology in baking industry – Confirmed its reputation as
the most reliable partner in baking industry.
Signed contract on exclusive rights representation with company HEUFT from Germany.
Two study trips for business partners, members of the company Managing Board and technologists from Croatia and B&H were organized to Switzerland, Austria and Germany.
Within this pattern the three-day professional seminar was organized in Professional bakery school Richemont in Lucerne.

Number of employees increased.
Signed contracts for exclusive rights representation with company MEINECKE from Denmark.
Established new company for packaging technology, TIM PAK and new company TIM ZIP in Belgrade.
Began a tradition of professional seminars “New technologies in baking industry – theory and application”.

Signed contract for exclusive rights representation with companies SEEWER RONDO DOGE
(Switzerland), MONDIAL FORNI and ILAPAK (Italy), as well as with DIOSNA, ISERNHÄGER
and AT HEFELE (Germany). With all of these companies we already had very good co-operation.
New branch office established in Zadar.
The company entered the ownership of “Marcelin” company form Split.
New, multimedia presentation facilities open in the company headquarters building.
The company Internet pages were redesigned and completed.

Professional development for all employees’ are constant line of company’s business development philosophy.

Training and Presentation Bakery facilities established at its headquarters building.
For the first time a Bakery Fair was organized and company own production of bread and pastry presented.
We established new branch office in Sarajevo (B&H) and two in Croatia (Bjelovar, Varaždin).
Advertising and marketing company TIM PUBLIC d.o.o. was founded.

On October 24 the new company headquarters were built in Buzin, Zagreb suburb with 400 m2  office space, 160 m2  stock space and 100 m2  technical space.

Company in Mostar established and two new branch offices established in Karlovac and Osijek.
Signed a contract for exclusive rights representation with KOLB KALTE company from Switzerland.
Section for Technological Application was founded with Mr. Ivan Bulić, a chemistry technology graduate, at its head.
Issued the first number of the business magazine TIM ZIP INFO.
In October the cornerstone for the new company building was set.

The first branch outside Zagreb established in Rijeka.

Mr. Ivo Jelušić, political scientist, joined the company, becoming one of the partners and
manager for the Section of design and equipment.
Top technological team was created when Mr. Franjo Klarić, a food technology graduate, joined the company as its chief technologist.

As well as supplying machines and equipment, the company expanded its business selection over 600 high-quality raw materials for bakeries and pastry shops.
Signed exclusive rights agreement with the Austrian company, DIAMANT.
Mr. Zdravko Maček, economist, joined the company and became one of its partners,
as well as manager of the Section for Raw Materials, Mixtures and Additives.

Company TIM ZIP was registered. Its founder and manager was Mr. Vladimir Bulić.
Signed exclusive rights agreement with the Austrian manufacturer BACK TECH.