Ceremonial academy on the occasion of celebrating the triple jubilee

The small hall of Vatroslav Lisinski was shining in a celebratory atmosphere on December 9, 2022.The three Jubilees Ceremonial Academy embodied in the words “Thank you for love” marked the proud 30 years of work of TIM ZIP, 20 years of the Richemont Club Croatia and 5 years of the Ivan Bulić Foundation.
During the one-hour program, the room was full of satisfaction while celebrating and acknowledging the most important values in the business of these three entities: unquestionable quality and striving for excellent results, partner trust and respect, and tireless optimism for the future. All that together was rounded off by that common, recognizable denominator – love.

About three hundred respected and dear guests, business partners and friends from all over Croatia and neighbouring countries of the region, and from all over Europe, witnessed and magnified the program with their presence. All those people contributed in various ways in the achievement of important results and success as the ultimate goal of business existence of the three celebrants.

On behalf of all three jubilarians, Vladimir Bulić greeted the attendees.Business partners from the real sector as well as the ambassadors of food science, important people from Croatia and the whole Europe, from the ranks of suppliers and buyers, on behalf of the Richemont club, but also in front of the winners of the Foundation’s supports took this important opportunity to share their thoughts, to say all the things they often do not have the chance to say in everyday business, or simply forget to say. Those were words full of warmth and praise, admiration in terms of business, but also in terms of empathy, a kind of ode to the achievements recorded in the portfolios of these featherweights in the development of the bakery profession.

On this occasion, it was also nice to hear the words of moderator Željko Rupić, who was continuously clarifying the importance and driving force of the three backbones of this gathering. Poet and drama artist Enes Kišević delighted with the recitation of his author’s poem “Upright Ear”, written precisely for the occasion of these anniversaries.
Two of the company’s employees also contributed to the ceremony: Ivan Bulić Foundation’s first-generation scholarship recipient, Nika Došen in vocal interpretation, as well as the director of development, technology and projects Andrej Hanžek on the violin in the performance of the aforementioned Enes’ song.
After that, Luka Bulić accompanied by Darko Domitrović performed the “Bread” song, known as TIM ZIP’s anthem for years, a precious gift from the songwriter Arsen Dedić.
As the crown of these special moments, Luka Bulić performed his new song “There is power in love”, which he sang with the assistance of Lea Dekleva on the piano.

A little bit unusual, but quite justified, the news about Croatia’s winning goal against Brazil echoed in the middle of the ceremony, as evidenced by the attached photo. There was no end to the excitement, so it’s not surprising that immediately afterwards some text was forgotten, or the tears of joy were seen on the people’s faces, or the voices unexpectedly trembled from increased excitement… All these scenes were accepted with great affection as an inestimably dear part of the program.

At the end of the program, the hosts and all the guests went together to the “Advent concert of film and classical music”, and the joint gathering was continued at a festive reception in arrangement of Catering Kvatrić, in a unique social environment of business partners, associates, friends and family members. With the alternating a capella sounds of Klapa Kampanel and occasional music on the piano performed by Kruno Kralj, the guests were entertained until midnight.

The attractive cakes of Pastry Vincek with recognizable symbols of the celebrants gathered around the table both those who wanted to taste them and those who wanted to immortalize them with a photographic memory. As a sign of gratitude for the cooperation and support, the guests were given Vincek chocolate bars in the vivid colours of the jubilarians, as well as an occasional Christmas cake made by the company’s technology department.

It was truly an evening to remember. Joy, pride and togetherness crept into all corners of the foyer, permeating human souls with a special synergy and harmony, with something magnificent, something that can hardly be described.
And it’s actually very simple: love is that secret connection, love is what keeps us together…